Snail Mail Push Notifications on the iPhone

An enterprising Arduino hacker came up with a simple way to send push notifications to his iPhone whenever his (real-life) mailbox has mail. Using a home server, Prowl and some nifty PHP scripting, Matt Richardson was able to program a microcontroller to sense when his mailbox has been opened, and send his iPhone an alert over the air. It’s much easier than it sounds, but you’ll need a moderate understanding of computer code to implement it (which can be found on Make).

There are a lot of great uses for this project. You could have push alerts delivered to your iPhone when you leave your garage door open, when someone opens your front gate, when the temperature drops below freezing, or when your home power usage exceeds a certain level. Whatever kind of switch or sensor you can hook up to your microprocessor can trigger a push alert. I’m eager to see how you decide to implement iPhone push alerts into your projects.

[Make via Hack a Day]

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