Odd Identifier Listed as Hardware Requirement for Some New Apps

What is “ix.Mac.MarketingName”, and why is it showing up as a hardware requirement for several recent apps?

A glitch has been reported in which the key “ix.Mac.MarketingName” is popping up under several new apps’ listed hardware requirements. Obviously, there is no iDevice with this name. Rumors surrounding this “leak” vary from a simple slip-up, to Apple preparing a new device and updating the App Store to support said new device (Apple TV with apps, anyone?).

It continues to be a guessing game, and with little information known, it seems like it might stay that way for a while. The glitch has not yet been corrected at the time of this writing, and is still able to be viewed by opening iTunes (on your Mac or PC), and looking up “Prompt,” or a few other recently-released Universal apps.


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