Pieceable Viewer Embeds Apps On the Web

Pieceable has released an interesting App Store version of the Appstore’s (err, Amazon’s, that is) embedded app demo service, which allows users to test applications in-browser. Pieceable Viewer does not require any additional work on the developer’s part, and is compatible with most apps, so we could start seeing useable demos of apps on dev’s websites in the near future. Pieceable does note that it is designed primarily for pitching apps to clients without having to deal with UDIDs and ad hoc distribution.

Since the service is new, only a handful of apps are available to test. The release of Pieceable Viewer—along with Amazon’s player—could pressure Apple into releasing a similar service on iTunes. Factors, such as the lack of a refund option on the App Store, could dissuade users from purchasing borderline apps, so being able to try-before-you-buy may boost sales and weed out poor quality apps.


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