Rokstand Review

Here’s an interesting product, designed, manufactured, and sold by one of our own forum members. It’s a modern stand for your iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad. It’s called the Rokstand, and it packs a svelte design into a very sturdy accessory. Read on for all the details!


The build quality is top notch: machined metal with a black powder finish make this product feel so high-end. It also ships with some non-slip pads. These work well, as long as you set them on a relatively clean surface, and as long as the pads themselves have no dust on them.

The shape of the Rokstand is simple and minimalistic. It is metal that has been bent and angled in order to provide the most comfortable viewing angle, and to provide the most stability for your iDevice. It works very well; watching a movie on an iPod touch is great, as it taking a call on an iPhone 4. You can even charge and sync an iPad.

The only part of the design that is annoying is that it doesn’t ship with a hole for headphones on the bottom. Unlike the iPhone or iPad, the iPod touch has its headphone port at the bottom of the device. There is a very simple work around if you find this a problem (drill a hole yourself), but it is a problem nonetheless. The manufacturer reached out to assure me that, if the supply is there for another product run, they will add this.


The Rokstand is in a category that doesn’t have much competition. If you have a messy desk, or want to watch videos without holding the device, or even just listen to music or sync the device, this will work for you. If you don’t do any of these things, then you probably have no need of this.

So, understanding what it is meant for, let’s move on. The Rokstand does everything that I mentioned exceptionally well. There have been times that I have thought that the viewing angle was to steep, but others where it has seemed perfect (this is due, I believe, to the lower quality screen on the iPod touch than on the iPad or iPhone 4).

Using the Rokstand with an iPad is a tricky affair; it does work, provided that you aren’t interacting with the top part of the device much. That’s because the weight isn’t quite centered, and you do run the risk of tipping the iPad over if you tap to hard on the upper half of the screen.

Final Thoughts

I really find this useful, but that has a lot to do with my iPod and iPhone being docked to my MacBook so often. The build quality is excellent, it’s built to last, and the one major problem has a simple DIY solution.

The Rokstand doesn’t have any earth-shattering unexpected features, but it does have a simplistic and modern design, which could help de-clutter your desk just a bit and remove a few of those iDevice sync cords. And really, every bit counts.

For the price ($16.99 online, not counting shipping or taxes), you can’t beat this. Similar setups run for at least ten dollars more, and (from experience) don’t provide the same kind of build quality that the Rokstand possesses.

You can contact the seller and buy the product through their website,, or by clicking here.

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