App Review: Get Outta My Galaxy!

If you’re like me, you get really, really tired of seeing the same types of apps keep popping up as you browse the App Store. I’ve seen plenty of “talking” interactive buddy apps, dozens of photo booth apps, and hundreds of Doodle-Jump-style tilt-to-aim-your-landing apps. So when I find an app that seems to be something that is genuinely new, fun, or useful, I am always willing to lend an open mind to the app description and an open set of eyes to the screenshots provided in the Store because what I find is usually, at a minimum, good. Far above the minimum sits Get Outta My Galaxy! as a largely unheard of App Store king waiting for the world to know and recognize his name. I’m here to let you know a little bit more about him.

Gameplay and Controls

In Get Outta My Galaxy! (I’ll call it GOMG!), players assume the role of a peaceful alien whose galaxy has been invaded by other aliens in rocket ships. Frustrated, you decide to set off on your own across the entire galaxy to permanently rid the invaders from your galaxy… by slapping them. That’s right! With your four tentacle-like, long arms, you defeat your enemies with a good smack of a hand. Of course, you can’t reach across the galaxy, so you’ll travel through many different solar systems and visit lots of planets. Sometimes covered in different types of shrubbery and other flora, the planets may be difficult to navigate, especially when you’ve got to clear it all away by slapping it to find out what’s underneath.

Beware the exploding fireball plants!

Sometimes you’ll go through a dangerous field of thorns and find nothing, while at other times you’ll be delighted to find a super-slap or tornado-slap powerup. Hearts to replenish health are also good finds, as they can be badly needed if you’ve been beaten up a bit.

They look like Pikmin, don’t they?

There are four types of enemies: blue ones that have no defense from you except for their legs to run, green ones that reproduce themselves, yellow ones that explode, and red ones that shoot explosives at you. While the first three enemy types are almost too easy to defeat, the red type can be extremely frustrating. There doesn’t seem to be a technique to help you defeat them, which makes the levels of them sometimes more difficult than you’d like. I found this to be the only bad part of the gameplay; being a simple arcade/adventure title, the game is pleasantly simple.

From looking at the screenshots, you can tell that there are no virtual controls. The only control scheme available is the tilt-to-walk and tap-to-slap system. While functional, I found that a slide-to-walk control scheme would be very handy. Although not needed, it would be welcome addition to the game. The in-game interface is simple and to-the-point. There are hearts to represent health levels, and plus signs and minus signs to indicate whether new enemies have spawned on the planet or you have knocked them out of existence. I have no complaints in this respect.

Gameplay and Controls: ★★★½

Presentation and Graphics

The overall quality of the graphics is very good, although not perfect. Sometimes the edges of certain objects in the game will look very linear, and if you have a keen eye, you may notice that the face of your main character is very blurry. This is no issue, however, since you practically never see the front side of him. On the other hand, the graphics are sometimes gorgeous.

These devs have got their simplicity mastered better than Apple

GOMG! is refreshing in the sense that its style is unique from most games you’ll find on the App Store. The menus are clean-cut and look extremely professional due to their simplicity. There is only a handful of buttons that you’ll ever see in the menu, and absolutely none that you will ever see in the game.

All in all, GOMG! is some semisweet eye candy; I say “semi-” only because it isn’t mind-blowing. Otherwise, this game looks great.

The vibrant colors make the game look yummy

Presentation and Graphics: ★★★★


GOMG! includes its own very unique style of sound effects. A pleasant soundtrack is built into the game, but the sound effects are what really shine. It’s hard to describe some of them without sounding like a babbling fool, but I’ll make the attempt. Pshhhhh! Boof! Beuuuu! Boo-boo-boo! It’d be easier if it was understood that these noises were recorded while they came out of someone’s mouth, but also that they do sound pretty good. As a complement to the light-hearted aura about the game, the sounds fit right at home. For the other effects that aren’t as outspoken, quality is not lacking. As for the soundtrack, there is a jazzy feel present, and it is something different in a good way.

Audio: ★★★★★

Replay Value

Like many other games on the App Store, GOMG! doesn’t have the “every game is unique” element to offer. While it can be classified as arcade, the game does not have the same appeal as, say, Pac Man does. Players (of course) have the option of returning to previous levels to get a better score or simply for enjoyment. A sizable campaign time of at least a couple hours helps to improve on this shortcoming, as does the inclusion of 16 Game Center achievements to gain, but this won’t be an app that you’ll be coming back to week after week.

Replay Value: ★★★

Value For Money

At $0.99, GOMG! is a great buy because it features great gameplay elements and the graphics are extraordinary. However, the lack of replay value recedes the value of the game a tad bit. It’d be awesome if the developers would create some sort of mini-game or two to appeal to some of the more demanding players, like me. But still, it’s hard to complain when you’re only paying $0.99!

Value for Money: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

I found this game to be a worthy buy at its price of only $0.99. This game, however, isn’t one that I would recommend to any of you serious gamers out there. Although it’s an action and arcade title, this is the type of game best enjoyed on a lazy afternoon following a long day at work or school. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and am looking forward to any titles that the Finnish devs put out in the future.

Overall Score:

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