Anonymous Posts Demands for Sony, Wants Lawsuit Against Geohot to End

Anonymous, the group of hackers who are currently targeting sites like with DDOSing attacks, has just posted the demands that must be met before they will stop attacking Sony-held sites.

The demands are as follows:

1. Sony must allow for end-user modification of the PS3, as was available prior to the 3.21 firmware update.

2. Sony must end any attempts to bring legal action to alter a product they own.

3. Sony must not pursue legal action against any collected IP address.

Realistically, these demands are not too much to ask for from Sony. Anonymous does include wording that would help Geohot and Graf_Chokolo (the other hacker that was helped to jailbreak the PS3) by ending the lawsuit against them. One other interesting tidbit is that Anonymous is currently not targeting the PSN servers, as they “are not after the players.”

It remains to be seen how Sony will react to these demands.

You can view the video that Anonymous released on YouTube to put out these demands after the break.

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