iPhones Snapping Creeper Pics Autonomously?

According to a number of user reports on Apple’s own discussion forums, some iPhones have started the nasty habit of taking pictures without any user interaction. The bug (or feature, as Apple’s PR department may call it) occurs randomly, and does not seem to be connected to Camera.app in any way. It appears that the device is storing camera frames randomly, which then pop up as users attempt to use a camera-related application such as FaceTime. Some users have even exchanged their iPhone to no avail, which means it is likely a firmware issue (even with the latest update).

via Detroit313

I have a dashboard mount for my phone. I had left the phone in the car when I ran in to get my sandwich. This was at a strip mall that I had never visited before and never connected to any WiFi. I parked in the middle of the lot, about 75ft from the doors to Subway. Ran it, got my food, hopped back in the car. I hit the button to see if anyone called me (no one did) and drove off. After I got in to where I was working and ate my sandwich, I tried to use FaceTime and saw a frozen image of me in the car from 20-30 minutes prior!

If any iFans have caught their device peeping, let us know in the comments, along with any suspicious apps you may have installed. Note: the issue does not seem to be jailbreak-specific.


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