Rolando Updated with Retina Graphics

April Fools! Actually, April Fools on that April Fools, because as unimaginable as it sounds, Rolando has indeed been updated. Ngmoco, a company who has become a bit of a disappointment over the last year, has finally pulled through and updated the rolling adventure series Rolando with Retina display graphics. In its hay-day, Rolando was one of the all-time greats, and it’s wonderful to see that it is finally up to par with the latest display technology.

Sadly, the graphics (and a lower price tag) are the only thing that have changed. Ngmoco hasn’t brought the fabled Rolondo 3 back from the grave (even as a joke). If you haven’t picked up Rolando yet, now is the perfect time to see what all the fuss is about.

[Touch Arcade]

Rolando,  Rolando 2 ($.99)

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