Return of the #Dickbar, But Not in the Way You Might Think

Not even a day after Twitter updated their native iPhone app to remove the dreaded #dickbar, it has returned in a much more interesting way than ever before: that’s right, it’s hit Cydia.

I’ve included a picture of what it does after the break, but be aware that this should be considered a spoiler. This is also an April Fools’ joke, and a rather great one at that. However, you can get the same effect on your jailbroken iDevice: simply set the date to April 1, 2011 and open Cydia. Voila!

The #dickbar is a rectangular UI interface in the previous version of Twitter for iPhone that would flash trending topics (yes, things like #justinbieber, #LadyGaga, etc.) at you. It was universally hated, and has just been removed today.

Consider this your spoiler alert, but feel free to hit the read link to see what happens.

Thanks 42395_skyline!

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