iPTF Exclusive: Three… is the magic number.

The title of this could’ve either been “Three is the magic number” or “Third time’s the charm” – I was undecided. This is an exclusive to iPod Touch Fans, as we’re the first website on the internet to give a detailed overview of this new app!

This article is on the newest release from Tapulous, the company which has been around since App Store launch (and potentially even before then if you remember those 1.1.2 jailbreak days…) Tap Tap Revenge 3 has finally hit the App Store, and iPod Touch Fans has everything you need to know about the new app, right here. So click “Read More” and prepare to be amazed by some of the new additions and alterations in Tap Tap Revenge 3…


All of the menus have had a massive revamp. If you’re somebody who loves the UI and aesthetics of an app, then you’re going to love this. Instead of the previous menus in TTR2, which slid across into submenus and sub-submenus, this version of Tap Tap has a lovely wheel at the bottom of the main menu, which is easily accessible and much quicker to use. You’ll also notice a little cartoon picture of me – This is my avatar. When you first boot the app up, you have to make an avatar of yourself (or just a general, random one) and then you play as him/her. Your avatar will come wearing mangy clothes and will have bad hair and lack of any possessions – But don’t worry, I’ll show you how Tapulous have allowed you to customise your character later in the article.

The bubble at the top of the menu allows you to view TTR3 news, contests, Battles and challenge requests, as well as Charts and leaderboards (find out who is the most popular person on the Tapulous network, or who has the most coins and biggest score) and also, an Inbox where people can send you messages, and you can send messages to others – I love telling people “Better luck next time ;) ” after I pwn them online, and now I can do it in TTR too!

Every menu is general more responsive, and better laid out for the best user experience.


So you’re a person who plays for the music? Or you’re someone who complains about the lack of well known tracks on TTR? Well you’re in for a treat with TTR3.

All music on TTR3 is well known and brilliant. Take a look at the screenshot below of my music collection:

Recognise some of these? Or ALL of them? These are just some of the tracks available on the latest TTR – Most of them are tunes that you’ll find on high profile music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero – We’re finally getting music for everyone, every gender, every generation and every difficulty! Tapulous have taken advantage of the In-App purchases system which allows users to buy music to use on their game. There are two categories – 6-Track and 2-Track packs. The 6-Track bundles cost $2.99 each, and here’s a list of them:

BLINK 182 – “Adam’s Song” / “All the Small Things” / “Dammit” / “First Date” / “The Rock Show” / “What’s My Age Again”

FALL OUT BOY – “Thanks for the Memories” / “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” / “Dance, Dance” / “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” / “I Don’t Care” / “American Suitehearts”

FOO FIGHTERS – “The Pretender” / “Wheel” / “My Hero” / “Best of You” / “Monkey Wrench” / “All My Life”

THE KILLERS – “Mr. Brightside” / “Sweet Talk” / “Human” / “When We Were Young” / “All These Things That I’ve Done” / “Read My Mind”

NO DOUBT – “Ex-Girlfriend” / “Don’t Speak” / “Hella Good” / “Just A Girl” / “Spiderwebs” / “Hey Baby”

SMASHING PUMPKINS – “Tonight” / “Cherub Rock” / “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” / “Today” / “Tarantulla” / “1979″

TIËSTO – “Fresh Fruit” / “Ten Seconds to Sunrise” / “Driving To Heaven” / “Knock You Out”(feat. Emily Haines) / “Lethal Industry” / “Carpe Noctum”

and here’s the list of 2-Track bundles:

A PERFECT CIRCLE – “Judith” / “Weak and Powerless”
AFI – “Miss Murder” / “Girls Not Grey”
AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT – “Sometime Around Midnight” / “Wishing Well”
THE ALL AMERICAN REJECTS – “Gives You Hell” / “Move Along”
ANGELS AND AIRWAVES – “The Adventure” / “Everything’s Magic”
ASHER ROTH – “I Love College” / “Lark on My Go-Kart”
BUSH – “Machinehead” / “Glycerine”
COLDPLAY – “Lovers in Japan” / “Viva La Vida”
THE CRYSTAL METHOD – “Busy Child” / “Keep Hope Alive”
GODSMACK – “I Stand Alone” / “Whatever”
GWEN STEFANI – “Hollaback Girl” / “Sweet Escape”
BEN HARPER – “Steal My Kisses” / “Keep It Together (So I Can Fall Apart)”
HINDER – “Better Than Me” / “Lips of an Angel”
JANE’S ADDICTION – “Superhero” / “Just Because”
JET – “She’s a Genius” / “K.I.A.”
JET – “Blackhearts (On Fire)” / “Start the Show”
KAISER CHIEFS – “Ruby” / “Never Miss A Beat”(remix)
KORN – “Coming Undone” / “Twisted Transistor”
LADY GAGA – “Love Game” / “Poker Face”
LMFAO – “I’m in Miami Trick” / “Bounce”
LYNYRD SKYNYRD – “Sweet Home Alabama” / “Freebird”
MARILYN MANSON – “Beautiful People” / “The Dope Show”
MAROON 5 – “This Love” / “Makes Me Wonder”
MEGADEATH – “Peace Sells” / “Wake Up Dead”
MICHAEL FRANTI / SPEARHEAD – “Say Hey I Love You” / “Bomb The World”
MORGAN PAGE – “The Longest Road”(Deadmau5 Remix- Radio Edit) / “Fight for You”
NINE INCH NAILS – “Closer” / “Hurt”
NINE INCH NAILS – “The Hand That Feeds” / “Only”
ONE REPUBLIC – “Apologize” / “Stop and Stare”
PHOENIX – “1901″ / “Lisztomania”
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – “No One Knows” / “Little Sister”
RISE AGAINST – “Audience of One” / “Ready to Fall”
SNOW PATROL – “Chasing Cars” / “Shut Your Eyes”
SOCIAL DISTORTION – “Far Behind” / “Story of My Life”
SUM 41 – “In Too Deep” / “Fat Lip”
KEITH URBAN – “Kiss a Girl” / “Sweet Thing”
WEEZER – “Hash Pipe” / “Beverly Hills”
WEEZER – “Buddy Holly” / “Troublemaker”
ROBBIE WILLIAMS – “Let Me Entertain You” / “Angels”

But, I hear you ask, what if I can’t afford tracks? What if I don’t have any money to buy them?! No fear! There are two things you can do. There’ll be over 100 FREE songs on TTR3 (according to TUAW), but if that doesn’t take your fancy… All you have to do is play! The more you play TTR, the more you earn coins. You can get coins by doing really well in a single player song, and the amount of coins you earn is determined by difficulty and your skill in the game. Which brings me neatly onto:


When you earn coins in the game, what can you spend them on?  Avatar Items. You can buy yourself avatar items to dress yourself up! Hats, shirts, scarves, shorts, guitars, background, scenery, pants, shoes, hair colour, hair style – The works! You can fully customise your Mini-Me in any way you want, and make yourself unique!


This customisability is great for anyone who loves to make their profile their own, or for younger kids who like dressing up virtual humans… This is me. I’m a rock star. But there are hundreds more combinations you can use – Head over to the Avatar Items section and take a look for yourself!


It was a beta in Tap Tap Revenge 2, but Chatting to other Tapulous users is finally here in TTR3. Think of this app as a social network of its own – You’ve got the addictive tapping sensation on one side, and then you can chill out in a chat room or customise your avatar or send messages to other users through your inbox.


I’ve left the best til last – The reason you buy Tap Tap Revenge is to play the game – and now playing it is better than ever, with amazing new themes, a new stage, new features and more.

Sure… going into Revenge Mode (x8) is pretty cool. It racks up the points. But in Guitar Hero and Rock Band, you get Star Power which is limited… Well now, you can x16 on TTR. Just hit the black taps (with the beautiful gold stars) and then you earn yourself a x16 token, which you can activate whenever you feel ready by tapping on it (it will appear on the side of the screen.) At first, it’s very hard to do… and you normally mess up your streak anyway, but with time, you learn exactly where it is on the screen and you can activate it in the right places at the right time – It’s an amazing new feature.

You can also see below, what themed tracks could look like. With the redesigned game engine, it looks like any graphically intense theme is possible, so expect some big things from Ernest and the design department!

Even online play has been greatly improved, with your position in the game now represented by you avatar too, so people can see your face when you’re beating them:

And the end-of-game stats have been improved, to give you a brief overview of your performance or a more detailed view. You can also check out high scores of Global, Local and your Friends and Buzz the track (give it a rating) so other people can decide whether or not to buy it. You’ll also be told how much XP you got (XP means Achievements and Awards too…) and how many coins too. And if you really liked the song, you can buy it straight from iTunes too!

Quick Play Mode

Another small but useful feature is Quick Play, which is available straight from the main menu, and allows the user to delve straight into the middle of any song they own. The app cleverly remembers the last difficulty you played on, and starts a Quick Play mode with this difficulty. It’s very good if you’re short on time, or don’t fancy all the fuss of choosing a difficulty and then choosing a song. One tap, and you’re in a game (which also gives you XP and coins!)

2 Player


Overall, it’s a MASSIVE update, and a great new addition to the Tap Tap range. The menus are less laggy and easily accessible, you can create and customise and avatar, buy premium songs, chat online, play online, play against friends on the same device, email other users, quick play for when you’re in a rush, challenge friends, get Push notifications of challenges, play with themed tracks, a revamped game engine, 16x multiplier, detailed in-game stats and heaps more.

The game is $0.99 (59p) and is definitely worth every penny! Get it here, and tell us what you think of it in this thread too (Post a reply!)

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