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You may have seen the original Muzik review, which I wrote last year. Later that year, the developer decided it was time for some much needed changes and pulled it from the App Store to do some work on it. So, after being absent from the App Store for quite a while, Muzik, a one-of-a kind iOS application made to replicate the Zune HD music player’s interface and functions, has been revamped and is better than ever.


While Muzik isn’t known for its abundance of features, it does sport quite a few nifty ones. One of my favorites is the “Face Down to Pause” feature in which you simply face the device screen towards the ground and the music will pause until you return it to its previous position. Another feature included in a recent update is the ability to add custom image of your favorite artist that appears when that certain artist is playing. Muzik now sports a neat “screensaver” feature, in which the current time and another set of controls are shown after one minute of inactivity. You will also find the features such as shake to shuffle, repeat, and regular shuffle. This is just like you would find in the default iPod app.

For you iPad users, Muzik now offers support for playing back video files. The developer has stated that this feature will soon be available for iPhone and iPod Touch users. In order to view videos, you will need your iPad to be jailbroken, so you can use a file sharing program to drop your video files in. Supported video formats: .m4v, .mov, .mp4, and .mp3.

Score: ★★★★½

GUI (Graphical User Interface)

You will probably spend most of your time on the ‘Now Playing’ screen, and there are a variety of neat things you can do there. Tap on the album artwork of the currently playing music, and the pop-up controls will appear, giving you the option to play/pause, skip songs, and by sliding your finger up and down on the screen, you can control the volume. You can also skip to the next song, or go back to the last one by swiping your finger over the album artwork without even having to bring up the controls.

Located on the very bottom of the ‘Now Playing’ screen you will see three different buttons, one for shuffle, repeat, and settings. Upon clicking any of them, a small, multitasking-like menu is brought up revealing any options. For the repeat and shuffle buttons you will get the options to repeat or shuffle the song or album, for the settings you will get the options to enable/disable face down to pause, shake to shuffle, or open the controls pop-up.

[1.] The options are easily accessible right from the ‘Now Playing’ screen. [2.] The screensaver appears after one minute of inactivity. it is the only place in the app where you can see the time, and there seems to be some problems with with pixelated images if you are using a retina device.

Muzik’s graphics are simplistic, but that just makes it all the more appealing. The graphics have been changed from earlier version quite a bit as well, going from bulky-looking images, to a crisp, clean look. Sadly, there are only two themes to choose from, considering there used to be a bigger selection in older versions of the app. The text and graphics have been given a soft drop shadow so that when a theme is enabled; the text and buttons pop out more for an overall cleaner look. The font selection is perfect, and everything graphics-wise flows together very nicely, except for a few non-retina images here and there.

[1.] There are two available themes. When the Artistik theme is enabled, you are able to view your custom artist backgrounds. [2.] From left to right: Default theme, Highway theme, custom Artistik theme.

The graphics of the search function have also been redone to blend in with the rest of the app, instead of the default UI like in previous versions.

The revamped graphics of the search function make it seem like it now belongs in the app.

Navigation of the app is very easy, and the controls are very simple to understand. There is, however, one flaw. Upon entering the song selector, you will see that all your music is grouped only by song, and if you have a lot of music like me, this should be simple task of choosing a song can be quite a tedious one. Hopefully we will be able to browse through our music by artist and genre in future updates.

Score: ★★★★


Now there is no difference in sound quality if you were to use the default player or Muzik. This is because Muzik uses the default iPod APIs to play your music. In other words, it pulls your music from the same place the default player does, therefore there is no loss in quality.

Score: ★★★★★

Reuse Value

If you’re a person who wants a new music playing experience, Muzik is for you. It’s simplistic, beautiful graphics and neat features may make this the music player of your choice; for a while that is. There is one major downfall that Muzik has, and that is poor organization of your music, grouping them only by song; while you can easily browse your music by song, artist, or genre in the default player. This is a major downfall because if you can’t easily select your music, why would you even bother to stick with this app, right?

Score: ★★★½

Value For Money

There are plenty of apps out on the App Store that are worth their $0.99 price tag. Why is Muzik one of them? Muzik gives you a new look on the feature most of us use most, and that is music playing (not music organization, mind you). It offers some neat features and a beautiful UI that you won’t find in the default music player.

Score: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

Muzik is a one-of-a kind app, and is definitely an awesome way to have a different look for your music player, especially if you aren’t jailbroken. I am very happy to see the recent major overhaul of the app, which has greatly improved the overall user experience. Even though there are some areas in which you see that the application looks better than it functions (specifically music organization), Muzik keeps me coming back.

Overall Score:

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