GV Mobile + Updated With New UI, Push, and More

Sean Kovacs has updated his insanely popular GV Mobile + app to version 2.0… point 031811. The update brings oodles of new features, such as picture messaging, search, push and much, much more. GV+ works on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and allows users to make calls, send and receive SMS, and manage voicemail messages straight from their iDevice.

While not as slick as Sprint’s soon-to-be Voice integration, GV Mobile + is just about the closest the iPhone will get to Google Voice.

What’s New in Version 2.0.031811

  • New UI
  • Push
  • Picture messaging
  • Multiple Recipient Texting (up to 5)
  • Support for all GV folders
  • Search
  • Pull to load older data
  • Key Tones Off/On
  • Default Contacts Action (Favs/Iphone)
  • More Call Methods (call using your iPhone # in app, or with GV using other dialers – customizable)
  • Support for non-standard Gmail only GV accounts (limited)
  • Welcome/Setup wizard
  • Favorites is back
  • Spell check is back
  • Access Call Methods via Keypad
  • Voicemail transcription highlighting during playback
  • Support for GV related call actions (read/unread,star/unstar,spam,block,archive/unarchive)

[iTunes] ($2.99) Thanks mitchell209!

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