Tilt to Live Updates with Viva La Coop Mode on the iPad

Tilt to Live enthusiasts who have purchased the “Viva la Turret” update can now play cooperatively with a friend. Both players must have the Viva la Turret expansion ($.99), and be on a local area network or Bluetooth. Co-op mode only works on the iPad, but One Man Left Studios promises that the next major update—which will be announced April 2nd—will have fewer requirements.

Other additions to 1.7 include:

What’s Improved:

- Added a toggle to turn the perforator turret on/off in Classic and Code Red

- Better caching of game center scores when no network connectivity is present. Scores uploaded next time there is an internet connection

What’s Fixed:

- Playhaven no longer crashes under ‘more games’

- The scoring bug that gave people highscores in the billions has been fixed. There was only one way to restore the honor of the TtL HD leaderboards, and that was a Classic and Code Red leaderboard reboot. So go prove to the world that your old rank wasn’t a fluke!

- The vortex will no longer suck you out of the Perforator turret in Classic & CR.

- Some typos in our awards have been fxied.

Tilt to Live is $2.99, and the update is now live on the App Store.

[One Man Left]

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