NY Times and WSJ Modify Their Digital Offerings

In an attempt to close holes in its new digital subscription paywall, the New York Times has asked Twitter to eliminate the @FreeNYTimes feed. When the NY Times announced their new digital offerings to be launched later this month, they set a 20 article limit on free content. Content accessed through links sent by friends, from other sites, or Twitter feeds do not count against the free limit. The NY Times cited a trademark violation, as the feed clearly used the iconic gothic scripted “T” associated with the newspaper in its icon, as well as the similarity between the feed’s name and the newspaper’s url NYTimes.com. The NY Times is also reported to be rewarding long-time paper subscribers with free digital subscriptions.

The Wall Street Journal is now offering morning issues of their daily newspaper for $1.99 through their iPad app. WSJ offers a monthly subscription to their web site and apps content for $18 per month.

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