iPad 2: Taking Advantage of the Gyroscope

Much ado was made about the addition of a gyroscope at the Apple keynote release of the iPad 2. Apple asserts that the integration of the gyroscope, compass and accelerometer will improve games, maps and other apps significantly. The demonstration app Gyroblox ($2.99, available for the iPhone 4) was used to demonstrate the new hardware. Users who have downloaded the “game” have been disappointed. To better experience the potential power of the gyroscope, gamers may be more interested the suggestions of MacLife, which lists seven games which better take advantage of the hardware new to the iPad 2. However, some of the iPad versions of the games have yet to be updated for the gyroscope. The list includes Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD ($6.99), Jenga HD ($.99), Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus ($6.99, iPod Touch/iPhone 4 version), N.O.V.A. 2 ($6.99 – again the iPod/iPhone 4 not HD version), Rage HD ($1.99),Real Racing 2 HD ($6.99) and Zen Bound 2 Universal ($2.99).

The gyroscope implementation has been troubled. Reports indicate the gyroscope is affected by surrounding movement, such as in cars. Additionally, users have reported difficulty in downloading apps from the App Store directly to their iPad 2Gs. The third-party apps don’t yet recognize the iPad 2 as a gyroscope-enabled device and refuse to download. The upcoming release of 4.3.1 is rumored to fix this issue.

Check out the video below to see the gyroscope in action with Real Racing 2 HD, played on the iPad 1G and 2G.

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