Apple Sues Amazon for Trademark Infringement Over the Name “App Store”

Apple has sued Amazon for trademark infringement over the name “App Store” (ahem, ™). Amazon recently announced that they would be creating a mobile application market for Android, named “Amazon Appstore”—which hits a little too close to home for the fellows at Cupertino. Apple does currently hold a trademark for the name “App Store”, and though the word “app” was coined by Apple, it is still a very generic term. The trademark’s legitimacy is even being disputed by Microsoft.

Apple claims that Amazon will “confuse and mislead customers“, and argues that “Amazon has unlawfully used the App Store mark to solicit software developers throughout the United States.” The App Store has gained a world-wide ubiquity that will be next to impossible to overcome, so it is probably in Amazon’s best interest to rename their store something more unique instead of attempting to ride off of Apple’s coattails. The case will be interesting, and will likely cause a massive uproar no matter which side wins—but Apple will undoubtedly defend their trademark to the death.


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