AT&T: 3G Phones on T-Mobile Will Need to be Replaced

The upcoming AT&T/T-Mobile buyout has customers on both ends of the literal spectrum concerned: AT&T already has notoriously high prices and an aptitude for dropping calls, but their latest statement is even more bothersome.

AT&T plans to reconfigure T-Mobile towers for 4G use, so existing T-Mobile subscribers will have to completely replace their 3G phones with models which use AT&T’s 3G frequencies—which could mean either an updated line of T-Mo devices, or existing phones from AT&T (a distinction hasn’t been made yet). We can’t imagine that AT&T will make customers pay outright for switching, so the standard “2-year contract and $150 rebate” will likely be applied. Still a pity for users who don’t mind sticking with aging hardware.

“There’s nothing for them to worry about … it will be done over time, in a way that’s good for customers and good for AT&T.” — Ralph de la Vega, AT&T Head of Wireless and Consumer Services

On the bright side, this could mean that T-Mobile users will be able to purchase an AT&T iPhone without much hassle, though the official statement on the matter is fairly vague.


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