MobileMe Revamp to Launch in April?

A source for iLounge claims that Apple’s long-rumored MobileMe revamp will finally be rolling out sometime in April. Apple has been beefing up their datacenters in anticipation of a large influx of users—or a massive increase of bandwidth—so we expect that they have something big planned.

Apple removed boxed versions of MobileMe from stores and stopped selling it online last month, hinting that the service would soon become free. Alternatively, Apple could be creating a new “premium” tier with additional services for paying customers, and making the current set of features free.

A cloud-based iTunes service would be welcome, since MobileMe’s current offerings are somewhat lackluster. Last year, Apple bought Lala, a streaming music service, and promptly shut it down. They could finally be integrating Lala-like features into iTunes with MobileMe 2.0.


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