AT&T Discounts the iPad 1G Wifi+3G 64GB by $300

Just before the iPad 2′s release, iPad 1G prices were slashed by $100, encouraging bargain hunters to buy out the stock of the older model iPads. AT&T has sweetened the deal further, offering the iPad 1G Wifi+3G 64 GB for $529, a whopping $300 savings (online only). The iPad 1G Wifi+3G 16GB is being sold for $429. The 32 GB model has already sold out. Purchasers must also sign up for a minimum two-year data plan of $14.99 per month for 250 MB (USD). Plans for 2 GB ┬ácost $25 per month, with a promotion offering the first month free.

Considering the technology behind the iPad 1G is less than a year old, and by no means obsolete, and the difficulty some are having obtaining the iPad 2, it is a tempting offer. iPad users who bought the Wifi-only model may also be interested, as AT&T is starting to force jailbroken-tethering users to buy a monthly data plan. AT&T may be motivated to move their iPad 1G stock not only to make room for the iPad 2, but their Android tablet (announced last month but yet to appear), and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Then again, so many devices on an already strained network may not be appealing to users at even the discounted price.

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