How to Enable Display Mirroring on iPad 1G

Well, look at that! A (jailbroken) iPad 1G can apparently have display mirroring, just like your fancy new second generation iPad 2.

Click for a larger view

DJmexi has tipped us that, by simply inserting a single piece of code into, you are able to enable one of the iPad 2′s touted features. Here’s how:

  1. Using iFile go to system>library>coreservices>
  2. Add the following lines as seen in the image above


Of course, you have to have a jailbroken iPad in order to use iFile. You also have to be on the latest firmware (iOS 4.3), so be sure that you have updated. I’m in the process of¬†independently¬†confirming¬†this, so feel free to post whether it works or not in the comments!

You can view the original screenshot after the break to compare and contrast to what you need to add. Thanks to djmexi for tipping us!


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