The New York Times Launches Their Digital Subscription Option

The New York Times today revealed details of its digital subscription services. The plan is available today for Canadian subscribers and will be available worldwide beginning March 28th. The Canadian pre-release will act as a beta stage, so the digital experience may be “fine tuned” for the rest of the world. Canadians may sign up for the + smartphone app option only at this time.

Home delivery subscribers (including daily, weekday, Weekender, etc.) and International Herald Tribune subscribers will continue to have free and unlimited access to NYTimes. com., as well as free use of smartphone and tablet apps. Readers who are not subscribers may create accounts and read up to 20 articles monthly, free of charge. This includes multimedia content such as slideshows and videos, and access to 100 Archived articles per month. Users of the NYTimes smartphone and tablet apps may peruse the Top News section free of charge, but all other sections will require a paid subscription. Articles accessed through links from Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites, or links from friends, will not count towards the 20 article limit. However, articles reached through search engines may have their own daily limits.

The digital subscription fee for smartphone apps will be $15 every four weeks (USD). The NYTimes for iPad app and other tablet apps will be $20 every four weeks. Users who wish to use apps (not just full access to on both devices must pay the full rate for both ($35 USD for four weeks). Subscriptions purchased through iTunes will be subject to the 30% Apple tax, and of course, no details were released to any concessions Apple may or may not have made regarding subscriber data. In the past, Apple has been steadfast in maintaining control of the data and in taking their standard 30% cut.

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