iPhone 5 Case Mockup Reveals Familiar Design

A “reliable” source for Hardmac has revealed prototype cases for the iPhone 5, supposedly based off of a genuine mockup straight from Cupertino. The renderings are far from detailed, but the edges, buttons, and SIM card slot are all strikingly similar to the current design of the iPhone 4. Previous rumors suggest that the next iPhone will feature an aluminum body to toughen it up, but Apple may choose to keep the current Leica-like design instead (as they say, “form over function”).

Changing the iPhone’s design every year keeps customers interested—especially non tech-savvy users who can’t tell a turboencabulator from a defrankelator—but, as demonstraited by the iPhone 4, keeping things fresh can lead to unexpected problems.

What do you think, iFans? Should Apple keep the current glass-sandwich design, or switch to an iPad/iPod Touch aluminum backing?


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