Heads Up! New Pwnagetool Incoming!

Following the announcement by Dev Team member cpich3g earlier today that they had successfully pwned 3.1OS on the iPhone 3GS, MuscleNerd tweeted a short while ago to confirm that they WILL be releasing the new Pwnagetool today and it WILL support the iPod touch 2G as well as the 3GS and already pwned iPod touch 1G and iPhone 2G and 3G.

As the new iPod touch 3G range is remarkably similar to the 3GS it is expected that these devices will also be jailbroken but to my knowledge there’s no definitive statement yet from the Dev Team to confirm or deny this.

Enjoy your 3.1 jailbreaks this weekend!  More hats off to the Dev Team!

UPDATE/ Pwnage Tool 3.1.3 uploaded to the Dev Team’s file dump a short while ago. Go here to download it (Mac only!).

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