iFixit’s Smart Cover Teardown Reveals… Magnets.

Apple’s Smart Covers are extremely simple, but outstandingly clever. They protect the face of the device and can turn it on and off using frequently misunderstood magnet technology. iFixit has sliced past the polyurethane to uncover (pun intended) the magic underneath.

A grand total of 31 super-strong magnets make the Smart Cover tick—21 inside the cover itself, and 10 inside the iPad 2. A small magnet-activated sensor turns the device on and off automagically, and the steel plate along the left side allows the cover to fold into a triangular stand. As expected, the magnets are arranged in such a way that makes placing the cover on the wrong way difficult. iFixit jokingly notes that disassembling the cover is a one-way street, and has given it a “Repairability Score” of 0/10.

Hit the source for the full breakdown.


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