Benchmarks are Nice, But How Much Better is the iPad 2, Really?

As discussed in our forums, the improved graphics of the iPad 2, as benchmarked by AnandTech, are impressive. But for those of us who may not know the difference between a textured triangle test and a texture fetch, the proof is in the pixels and performance.

TouchArcade is touting the improved look of Infinity Blade with a gallery of side-by-side pics (see a few after the jump). The game is more detailed, has better lighting effects and richer textures. Other developers for popular titles including Real Racing 2, Dead Space, Asphalt 6 HD have recently released updates of their games to take advantage of the new graphic capabilities of the iPad 2. 

For some, browsing is a more essential use for their iPad. TiPb has released a YouTube video that nicely demonstrates the improved Safari experience. For one, when switching between tabbed websites on the iPad 1, the pages reloaded upon re-opening. On the iPad 2, the pages just appear. The second difference is a lack of the checkerboard effect. When scrolling quickly on the iPad 2, there is no lag for the page and images to load. The checkerboard is no more. Also, from personal experience, the entering of text in forms, search boxes, logins, etc. is much faster. I have also tried Skyfire for the iPad on both machines and where it was barely usable on the iPad 1, due to lag and crashing, it is an enjoyable experience on the iPad 2.

Check after the jump for some of TouchArcade’s Infinity Blade pics, and click the image below to view the browser comparison video.

[AnandTech via MacRumors]

[Tipb via MacRumors]

The iPad 1 graphic is on the left, iPad 2 on the right.



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