Philip Schiller Confirms White iPhone Will Be “Available this Spring”

Philip Schiller, Senior VP of Apple, has confirmed via Twitter that a white iPhone will be available this Spring. The white iPhone 4 has eluded customers—and Apple engineers—for nearly a year (assuming that Schiller was referring to the iPhone 4, and not the next-gen iPhone), and even Wozniak resorted to buying scrap parts from China to get his symmetry fix.

Via @pschiller

Hi Eric. The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!).

Rumors suggest the iPhone 5 will feature an aluminum backside, like the iPad, which should resolve many of the issues with the current design. While the Verizon iPhone’s antenna is slightly modified, Consumer Reports has still deemed it problematic, and continues to not recommend it. It’s unlikely that Apple has lost out on many customers due to Antennagate, but overhauling the design will allow them to put the problem to rest.

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