iFixit iPad 2 Teardown

iFixit has done what they do best and dissected the freshly minted iPad 2. The guts don’t reveal anything unusual, but it has been doubly-confirmed that the iPad 2 has an acceptable 512MB of RAM. Impressively, the thickness of the glass has been reduced by 27%—but is now glued in place, making it near impossible to remove without heating (or cracking) it. The 3.8V, 25 watt-hour battery is bigger, but also thinner than the original iPad 2. iFixit notes that “any improved battery performance can be attributed to software and other hardware improvements.”

Notable chips found on the logic board:

  • Apple 1GHz A5 dual-core Processor with a 200MHz bus and 512 MB of Samsung manufactured RAM.
  • Toshiba TH58NVG7D2FLA89 16GB NAND Flash
  • Apple 343S0542 – this looks like the Dialog Semi power management chip found in last year’s iPad
  • Texas Instruments CD3240B0 11AZ4JT G1 touchscreen line driver, working with the Broadcom BCM5973 and BCM5974 chips shown above.
  • S6T2MLC N33C50V Power Management IC
  • The A5 processor has manufacture dates of late January and mid-February 2011. Production was clearly ramping up through the last minute. It looks like the A5 processor is the APL0498, replacing the A4/APL0398 seen in the iPad 1 and iPhones.
  • Apple-branded 338S0940 A0BZ1101 SGP. This looks like the Cirrus audio codec Chipworks found in the Verizon iPhone, but they’ll have to get it off the board to make sure.

Despite the fact that the iPad 2 uses standard Phillips screws (and not those silly Pentalobular screws) iFixit still gives it a low 4/10 for “repairability”. If your iPad 2 needs to be disassembled, bring it to the professionals!

Hit the link for the full teardown.

[iFixit] Video overview

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