iPad 2 Launching, Next Batch Expected in “2-3 Weeks”

The lines are forming for the iPad 2, but if your not one of the (lucky?) customers queuing up in the cold rain, expect the next batch of units to start shipping in the next 2-3 weeks. Best Buy, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Target will also be stocking the device, but reports indicate that many Verizon stores around the country have not received any units–so call ahead before trekking out. Additionally, AT&T doesn’t seem to be stocking the 64GB model. Apple is expected to sell nearly 600,000 iPad 2s this weekend, breaking its predecessor’s record. Remember, Apple won’t charge your credit card until the device actually ships, so you can place an order ahead of time if you’re still scraping together the cash.

The iPad 2 will be unleashed at 5:00 EST.

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