Greenpois0n Progress

Possibly in response to the Dev team’s success yesterday with the iPhone 3GS Pwn, Chronic Dev have put up a short blog post detailing progress to date on the greenpoison iPod touch 3G jailbreak and their intentions.  In a nutshell: they’ve decrypted the 3G firmware and are making good progress on the greenpois0n payload that will facilitate the jailbreak, plus they intend that the final, released tool will be lightweight, easy to use and ensure a rapid jailbreak.

As always, there is no ETA for any of the jailbreaks as both Chronic Dev and the Dev Team could run into any number of problems along the way.  Please let them concentrate on what they do best and don’t hassle any of the team members unnecessarily over twitter/IRC/etc..  When their jailbreaks are ready they’ll release, free, to the community and if they have any updates we’ll post to let you know.

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