Accessory Review: Speck SeeThru for iPad

Speck is well-known for designing quality accessories for Apple products and other portable electronics. They’ve been in the game since 2001, when that big, clunky white object that we called an iPod was first released. Oh, how far they have come. The self-proclaimed “gadget geeks” at Speck have worked diligently to turn Speck into a successful and committed company. Based out of Palo Alto, California, Speck is a mere 13 miles from Apple’s Cupertino-based headquarters.

Speck offers a wide variety of cases for the iPad, including the SeeThru. Interestingly enough, I first looked at this case for the original iPod touch back in November 2008. I shared my negative connotations towards cases that are of a transparent nature, but the SeeThru for iPad may change that viewpoint for the better. The two-and-a-half year period between these reviews has evidently been huge for Speck, as the company has quickly emerged as a worldwide leader in their domain. Continue reading to find out just how much better the SeeThru for iPad fairs.


The SeeThru is a one-piece hard shell, polycarbonate case that is available in a transparent version, as shown, and in satin black, blue, and purple. There is a protruding, rubberized ridge on the back of the case that keeps your iPad slightly elevated off of a flat surface. This ridge provides extra traction and grip in addition to non-skid use. It also makes it easier to carry the case in your hands. The SeeThru weighs just one ounce and adds little bulk to your device. It is essentially a transparent window that maintains the elegant look of the iPad when it is encased.

The case has appropriate openings for the speakers, sleep/wake button, and all other buttons and ports on the iPad. There is a flip-back panel on the back of the case that allows you to sync, charge, and dock your iPad. You could also use a keyboard dock. Speck’s logo is embossed into the plastic on the back in an unobtrusive manner. They do a good job of ensuring that the buttons remain responsive when covered.

Score: ★★★★


The case doesn’t leave any unnecessary space uncovered, ensuring maximum protection for your iPad. This also ensures that little to no dust will collect inside of the case. The protruded ridge previously discussed acts as a layer of extra insulation which aids in protecting against impact damage and dents. The SeeThru also prevents against scratches and other wear and tear.

Score: ★★★★

Value For Money

Speck’s SeeThru case for the iPad retails for a costly $49.99†. The SeeThru is extremely overpriced for “just a piece of plastic.” It doesn’t help that nothing else is bundled with the case, as many other competitors have done. SwitchEasy offers a very similar case called the NUDE, for just $29.99, that includes a vanity kit consisting of two stands, port insert covers, a microfiber cloth, a screen protector, and an applicator card. Nonetheless, the SeeThru is still a high quality, well-designed, and functional case that is great if it is within your budget.

Score: ★

Final Thoughts

Speck’s SeeThru is yet another example of a well-designed case that is being sold for much more than it should be. It’s great to see that Speck has emerged as a worldwide leader in accessories, but it has almost directly translated into a newfound significant markup on their products. Speck is far from the only company that is guilty of this cause, as many other top accessory companies follow a similar practice. In conclusion, the SeeThru is a case to consider, but it does not receive a “hands down” recommendation. Don’t forget to check out other iPad accessories by Speck such as the silicone PixelSkin, hard shell CandyShell, and portfolio-style DustJacket. Speck’s iPad 2 lineup is also just around the corner.

Overall Score:

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