Apple Holding iOS 5 Event April, Claims

Ready for some more rumors? Of course you are! This time, though, it’s a little bit  more believable.

German Apple blog is claiming that they have information form a source that they “estimate to be trustworthy,” who is saying that Apple will have an event in the first or second week of April where iOS 5 will be shown off. Details surrounding the update are still not clear, though the rumorsphere seems to share the common belief that the notification system will receive an update, and that iOS will become a much more social operating system.

An April preview (and subsequent developer builds) would make sense, and set the stage for an iPhone 5 at WWDC 2011 in June of this year. Previewing the OS in April would allow developers to begin porting and adapting their applications to take advantage of any new features in the OS.

You can read the full report (machine translated by Google) after the break.


For the iPad 2 events in the past week, many Apple fans were expecting an outlook on iOS 5 and MobileMe. The rumors about the topics intensified just before the iPad 2 Presentation, so that with a notice to iOS 5 and MobileMe could be expected. Postponed is not abandoned and already soon there will be news to the two topics. Like us from a source which we estimate to be trustworthy, have been reported, Apple will hold a media event in early April, a view of iOS 5, and give in this framework to MobileMe. In the 14th KW or 15 KW Apple should invite media representatives to the corporate headquarters to Cupertino.

In recent weeks, speculation has repeatedly 5 on IOS. What features Apple could breathe life into the next big firmware update. Although, in accordance with the wishes of many iPhone, iPad, iPod touch owners goes to the multi-tasking and the notification service can be significantly improved with iOS 5th At the same time a closer link with MobileMe and social services is expected. Photo stream, media stream and Find my Friends are considered as keywords. Once the cat is in the form of iOS 5 out of the bag, can certainly also a few features of the iPhone 5 are sensed.

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