TinyUmbrella Updates with iOS 4.3 Support

TinyUmbrella, “the firmware umbrella“, has been updated to support the latest GM build of iOS 4.3. Assuming that there won’t be another 4.2-like incident, this new TinyUmbrella should also work on the public build being released on the 11th.

via @notcom

TinyUmbrella with 4.3GM support released. Also fixed a couple bugs with the Mac version.

This update provides iOS 4.3 GM support as well as uses your system proxy settings when launching the TinyUmbrella loader. I’ve also made a few tweaks to streamline the currently saved shshs. I’m still working on the windows recovery kick out fix for 4.2.1 – I should have that finished this week (hopefully). Enjoy

TinyUmbrella allows you to downgrade your firmware to a previous version by saving your SHSH blobs, as well as downgrade the iPhone 4′s baseband to a firmware that Apple is still signing (or preserve it, if you have not yet upgraded).


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