RedLaser – Barcode Scanning for iPhone

I used to have a game machine-thing which had a barcode scanner on the top. It was a bit like Tamogotchi merged with Pokémon. When you scanned barcodes, it would unlock new things for the monster to wear, use, fight with, etc. This app I’m about to talk about has nothing to do with this game, but I thought I’d just bring it up. Hey! – It’s also not on the App Store yet, so it might be an idea for someone! (If I find it on the App Store though, you owe me 10%) ;)

ANYWAY. On topic again. RedLaser has been on the App Store for a while – and it was rubbish. A friend on Twitter told me he bought it pretty much as soon as it came out and he regretted it because it didn’t work. However, it was the only app I knew of that would scan UK barcodes… So a little way down the line, how is it doing now?

Well a recent update means it finally works – And it works unbelievably well. The app is for iPhone only, and what it does is similar to Delicious Library. The camera of your phone loads, and you just position a barcode infront of it – and BANG. Within seconds, you have the item’s name, its barcode number, a picture of it, a price of it on Amazon (both new and used) and it searches Google Products for the same item. You then have a magnitude of price choices available to you, and you can tap on a price and view it on the internet.

My recently scanned items

The idea of the app is to beat the credit crunch (obviously), which means finding the cheapest price for an item. You’re in a shop. You see a nice TV. You scan the barcode and you get prices from 15 online shops, where you find that it’s £100 cheaper than the one you’re standing next to in the shop. Do you know what that £100 could buy you?! (about 10,000 penny sweets)

As you can see below, after you’ve scanned a load of items in, you can actually email the list around to friends and family, and it sends it as a .txt file too with links to Amazon and Google, so your grandparents know what to buy you this year!

I’ve done a video too just to show you how it works. It seems to only work on gadgets and tech items (my iPod Nano’s box, my Xbox and DS games, some books, CDs, DVDs, etc) and I also tried scanning a box of gravy but that didn’t go to plan…

If you’re looking for some fun (or an amazing way to make a Christmas list this year) then you ought to check it out the iTunes store reviews and read the description of it. It really is a great app for the $2 (£1.19) and only needs a few extra features for it to be a Delicious Library competitor! (Maybe a section where you can add the product info of items you already own?)

The built in Web View in action

Click here for the iTunes page and watch my video above for more info!

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