iPad 2 Back Camera: Same as iPod touch 4G’s?

While everyone has been thrilled that Apple has included a dual-camera system on the new iPad 2, it may not be quite as good as we hope. Judging strictly from the photos from Apple’s own website, it seems as if the back cameras of the iPad and the iPod touch 4G are identical. What does that mean? Less than stellar photos, and video recording that is acceptable, but not mind-blowing (but don’t forget; it’s still ‘technically’ 720p HD video on the iPod touch 4G, and now on the iPad 2).

Comparing the two show them to be exceptionally similar; in fact, they look identical. It doesn’t seem like a stretch that Apple would simply toss in the same camera that they have on the iPod touch 4, considering how cheap they are to manufacture and assemble, and how low Apple probably has the costs by now.

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