Original iPad Now Just $399

Apple has jujitsu’d the price of the now-completely-obsolete iPad by a Benjamin. While it doesn’t feature two cameras, a dual core processor, or a futuristic white casing, the “old” iPad is still a perfectly capable machine—and $399 (or $349 refurbished) is a hard deal to pass up. Apple will slowly be phasing it out, but we don’t expect the price to drop again until the next next-generation iPad is released. If you’re looking for an even better deal, eBay should be receiving a swarm of original iPads at any moment.


  • $399 – 16GB
  • $499 – 32GB
  • $599 – 64GB


  • $529 – 16GB
  • $629 – 32GB
  • $729 – 64GB


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