iTunes App Store this week – 26th July

iTunes AppStore this week! 26th July

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Sorry about the lack of “iTunes AppStore this week!” last week. But here it is this week!

Releases This week:

  • Super Yum Yum Retro
  • Touch KO-Chillingo
  • iHawky-CyanSoft

Updates This Week:

  • PocketGod
  • Harbour Master
  • Globall
  • Rolando 2

and more….


Super YumYum Retro

Yum, eat the fruit! Play with the Chameleon Leon in this unique puzzle game. You can even lick your kids to make them follow you.

Price: $0.99/£0.59
iTunes Link: Click


Touch KO-Chillingo

Knockout! Chillingo has finally released their boxing game.

Price: $2.99
iTunes Link: Click
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Help little Hawky navigate around large mountains and under clouds. If you like iCopter then you will like this.

Price: $0.99/£0.59
iTunes Link: Click
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Updates this week:

  • PocketGod-Another update for PocketGod, a mini game has been added where you jump as high as you can bouncing off clouds.
  • Harbour Master-A new update for Harbor master sees a new dock added. Smugglers Reef.
  • Globall-12 new levels, More challenges and enemies.
  • Rolando 2-We see the support for people still on 2.2.1 firmwares.


Many apps go on sale every week. We have a separate thread for

For a list of more sale apps, click here


Coming soon

We see many apps/games coming soon. Hopefully most of you will of heard of Gamelofts upcoming game. Its set to be a smash hit.

Gangstar is a GTA style game coming soon for the ipod/iphone. Check the thread below for videos and screenshots.

Discussion thread


That’s it this week, check back next week for another iTunes AppStore this week.

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