Apple Launching a Social App Tomorrow, Naming it ‘MediaStream?’

Throw the normal amounts of salt on this one, but Silicon Alley Insider is stating that Apple will be unveiling a first party social app tomorrow, and that it will be called MediaStream. The service has been shown off in builds of iOS 4.3 (a version of iOS still in testing; it may be released tomorrow as well). The app is supposedly a ‘friend finder,’ and would locate other iDevices in your area. Silicon Alley Insider stresses that this is not confirmed, and that they are currently only hearing it from one person in the industry. The source also has no solid idea of how it would fit into Apple’s current strategy:

It could be part of Ping, it could replace Ping, it could be part of MobileMe (which may go free), or it could be separate — our source isn’t sure. But this person says that if there is a surprise at the event, this could be it. (Or, who knows, maybe it won’t be announced until WWDC, or never.)

It’s definitely still just a rumor, but it would make sense: Apple has already tried getting into the social space with Ping which, let’s be honest, has failed in its current incarnation. Using their large install base of iOS devices as a way to strike at Facebook and Twitter would be a clever move. On the gaming side, Apple has GameCenter. The app hasn’t been a total failure, but hasn’t gained mass adoption quite yet. Previous rumors stated that Apple would provide a ‘Facebook’ killer, which allowed you to share videos, status updates, and your location — a mash-up of Youtube, Ustream, Facebook, and Foursquare.

tl;dr: Apple seems poised to get into the social space, and developer builds of iOS currently contain hints about a social app that could be unveiled tomorrow. Or, you know, maybe not.

[Image via 9to5mac, Silicon Alley Insider]

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