iPad Rumors: First Generation Supply Drying Up, Second Generation Coming in White?

Here’s to new rumors, fresh out of the mill: apparently, iPad 1 supplies are drying up, and 9to5mac and iFixYourI are showing what appears to be the front for a white iPad.

Reports that Apple’s supply chain for the current generation iPad has been shrinking, causing shortages for many retailers. All models appear to be affected, and there is no ETA for a new delivery. Such a supply constraint could be considered a sure sign that a new iPad model will be announced, and released, soon.

MB292LL/A – iPad 16GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA

MB293LL/A – iPad 32GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA

MB294LL/A – iPad 64GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA

MC349LL/A – iPad 16GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA

MC496LL/A – iPad 32GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA

MC497LL/A – iPad 64GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA

The next rumor shows some ‘photo evidence’ of a white iPad 2. Considering the trouble Apple has had getting a white version of the iPhone 4 to market, it’s interesting that a white version of the iPad will be out. Overall, the part is nearly identical to that of the current iPad, save for the camera hole and the color.

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