App Review: Push Panic

Push Panic is a fast-paced, exciting puzzle game developed by Appular. Neither the game nor the developer is well known in the App Store world.

At first glance, Push Panic looks like a simple game that is well polished with clean graphics. When just browsing the screenshots it’s difficult to figure out what the game is all about, or how it is even played for that matter. Push Panic is a well-built game due to its fast-paced gameplay, clean graphics, decent audio, excellent replay value, and its great bang for your buck.

Gameplay and Controls

As I stated earlier, by just looking at the screenshots, it is difficult to figure out how to play the game. Thank goodness they have included an introduction to the game and how you play it. It is really quite simple after you learn. The objective of the game is to remove as many blocks before the stack gets too high. The more blocks that you remove at once, the more points you’ll receive for that chain. You remove blocks by selecting blocks of the same color and removing them. There are also many special blocks that will help, or hurt, you along the way:

  • Multi-colored block: Selecting this block will select all blocks of the same color of the next block you select. This can make it quicker to remove blocks.
  • Slow down block: This reduces the speed in which blocks drop. Using this block allows you to stay under control or catch up on harder levels.
  • Chain block: While you have a color selected (or chain of colors), you can select this block to continue the chain with a different color. This allows you to make even larger chains to get more points.
  • Multiplier block (2x; 4x): These blocks multiply the amount of points you’d receive for a chain by 2 or 4 (depending on which one the block is). More points is always a good thing in puzzle games.
  • Stone block: These blocks get in your way since you can’t select them. They are merely there to take up space and make it harder for you. They can only be destroyed with…
  • Bombs: These aren’t blocks; they are in the shape of bombs. Bombs will destroy all blocks around in within a radius. It’ll also move others because of the force of explosion. They are good when you are about to lose and need to get out of a tight spot.

The various special blocks that are in the game.

The game is very fast-paced and keeps you on your toes the whole time. It’s really quite challenging and is fun if you need to kill 5 minutes, or 15+. There are 4 modes of gameplay:

  • Classic: These are puzzles that get harder as you progress through them. Each level has a target score for a bronze, silver, or gold medal. There are a total of 50 levels to keep you busy.
  • Score Panic: No rules, play until you lose. This is my personal favorite mode as it is there to just kill time.
  • Color Panic: There is one rule change from score panic, if there are more than 8 blocks of the same color on the screen, you lose! So keep track of the colors.
  • Time Panic: Need three minutes to kill? Well this mode is perfect for that. You are placed against a timer and must get as many points as possible within 3 minutes!

There are a total of four game modes in this game.

If you like competition against strangers online, this game is for you as well. Online high scores update live as you play the game and you always have the highest score on the top of your screen while playing it! You are never alone. This makes it feel like you are always in competition.

The controls of this game are simple and perfect for the touchscreen. All you have to do is tap the block you want to select. Tap the block again to remove all blocks of that color. This is simply a screen-mashing game. There is no need to adjust to any joy-sticks, virtual buttons, just select and go! Really easy control scheme to get down.

The gameplay and controls are extremely fast-paced and easy. The game itself has an addictive quality to it and is just plain fun. The game runs smoothly and just works. Appular did a great job with this game’s gameplay.

Gameplay and Controls: ★★★★★

Presentation and Graphics

The menus in Push Panic are straight forward and simple. There is a glossy theme all around the app; this includes the game and the menus. The large buttons and simple navigation allows you to quickly play the game. It’s easy to see what every button does, so the menus are of no problem to the game. The menus are nice and colorful and just make the game look fun.

The menus in Push Panic are clean and glossy.

Like the menus, the graphics of the game are crisp, clear, and clean. The blocks are simple, but nicely designed. They are colored with all the colors of the rainbow and also have different shapes on them depending on the color. This allows the game to be played by color blind people as well. The backdrops, or wallpapers, compliment the blocks and game perfectly. Each game mode has a different backdrop. The graphics just seem to work for a puzzle game like this one.

The graphics in Push Panic are crisp, clean, and clear. The background works well with the game.

The menus and graphics are just clean, simple, and easy on the eyes. The variation of backgrounds, blocks, and all the visuals show how much hard work was put into the game. Appular did a great job with this game’s menus and graphics to give it a quality look overall.

Presentation and Graphics: ★★★★★


When you start the game, you are greeted with some fast-paced background music (BGM). It’s enjoyable at first and it puts you in the mood for some fast-paced gameplay. Then you learn that that is the only background music that you get. This song gets annoying after a while! I’d turn it off if it weren’t for the sound effects.

The sound effects of the game are fun and just fit the game perfectly. Like many puzzle games, sound effects only compliment the gameplay. This is no exception. The sound effects work well with the gameplay to deliver a nice puzzling experience. There are sound effects for many things, including:

  • The menus
  • Selecting blocks
  • Removing blocks
  • Explosions from bombs
  • Selecting a block that you aren’t allowed to

The sound effects in this game are abundant and well designed. You can turn off all sounds in the game completely, or lower their volume, on the main screen. There is no option to turn off the BGM. However, if you feel like I do, the game does support a custom BGM if you start the iPod app (or Music app in my case) first and then play.

The audio in this game is well done. If it wasn’t for the annoying BGM, I’d give it a perfect five. However, it’s annoying and you can’t turn it off without turning off sound effects. Those are the main 2 problems with the audio of the game.

Audio: ★★★★

Replay Value

Push Panic offers players plenty of replay value. The 4 modes of gameplay allow the player to play this game over and over again. The game is just addictive. No doubt about it. I find myself playing this game all the time, not even the classic mode either. It’s just a fun game to play and addictive.

The game also offers users online leaderboards that are updated in real time as you play the game. This also keeps you striving to be the leader. Everyone knows the high score while they are playing and want to beat it. Besides online leaderboards, this addictive game also offers plenty of achievements. Although this isn’t my cup of tea, it may be yours.

Overall, the game is chalk-full of replay value. The additional modes, leaderboards, and achievements allow you to continue to play the game long after you beat it, if you decide to do so. Did I mention it’s addictive?

Replay Value: ★★★★★

Value for the Money

Push Panic sells for $1.99† in the iTunes App Store. It is well worth the money because of the quality build of the game. With your 2 dollars, you also pay for 50 levels of gameplay. Although this is enough to keep you busy for a little while, you are given unlimited arcade play in the three other game modes. I forgot if I said this already, but the game is also very addictive. All these things that you get for your 2 bucks make it well worth the price.

Value for the Money: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

Appular definitely has made a game that is worth buying. It is addictive, fun, fast-paced, well polished, and of high quality. If you are a fan of puzzle games, definitely get this well-polished game as you can kill hours of your life just blasting away blocks. Appular, without a doubt, deserves five stars for the quality, unique gameplay that they offer with Push Panic.

Final Scores:

  • Gameplay and Controls: ★★★★★
  • Presentation and Graphics: ★★★★★
  • Audio: ★★★★
  • Replay Value: ★★★★★
  • Value for the Money: ★★★★★

Overall Score:

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