iOS 5 Wish List

With iOS 5 rumored to be shown off at the March 2 iPad event, we have to ask: what do you want in iOS 5?

I’ve put together a little wish list of my own after the break, but feel free to sound off in the comments about what you would like to see in the upcoming OS!

1. Revamped Notifications

This is one’s pretty self explanatory; the notifications system needs to be revamped. While they get the job done well enough, they interrupt anything you are doing (regardless of context), and force you to respond in one way or another. Come on, Apple: let’s see something new and great here! Or, maybe not. Hey, if you can’t think of anything, webOS has some awesome notifications. After all: “talent imitates, genius steals.”

2. Wireless Sync

I’ve really gotten into podcasts lately, and I use my MacBook Pro to download them via iTunes. I still have to use a wire to transfer them, though. It’s 2011, Apple. Kill the cables! Even if there is a file size limit, give us something.

Though I want wireless sync, I don’t think we will see the fabled ‘’ cloud service. If that ever happens, I’d expect it to be at a September iPod event, and not one focused on the iPad or iPhone.

3. Revamped Lockscreen

The lockscreen… It’s definitely simple. However, about three-fourths of the screen is taken up by your wallpaper, and nothing else. Apple already knows how to do widgets (the developer preview of Mac OS X ‘Lion’ has a whole space dedicated to them), and I would like to see them transfer this knowledge to the mobile side of their business. They could even open it up to developers, and have a section of the App Store dedicated to widgets.

While there are definitely other tweaks and features that could be added, these are the three that I would look forward to the most. All three are absolutely possible for Apple to implement; it’s just a question of if they will.

So, how about you? Would you like customizable gestures? The ability to change default apps? What about a file browser? Sound off in the comments!

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