Accessory Review: Logiix Clipstand

Logiix is a Canadian-based company that offers many accessories and products for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. In an earlier review, we looked at Logiix’s capacitive styli, the Stylus Pro & Stylus Pro Jr, which both received favorable reviews. We’re now taking a closer look at Logiix’s Clipstand, which is a unique stand that can be clipped to your iPad. It can also serve as a makeshift stand for your iPhone or iPod touch.


Logiix’s Clipstand is extremely portable and lightweight thanks to its small nature. It consists of two plastic hinged stands that are connected by one elastic shock cord in a crossover X-design. I was nervous about this elastic cord breaking when stretched, but it has proved to be very durable under a considerable amount of tension. Upon stretching out the elastic cord, you can clip the two plastic pieces to both sides of the iPad. It is compatible in both landscape and portrait modes.

The Clipstand has a simple design with a white, hard plastic exterior and a gray rubber interior. This rubber padding effectively prevents the stand from scratching the iPad. Once clipped to your iPad, you can rest the Clipstand on a flat surface and extend its two plastic arms. You’ve now got yourself a flexible and versatile stand that can be used on a coffee table, your lap, and many other surfaces.

This stand offers a good, but fairly nonadjustable, viewing angle for your iPad. Unfortunately, it is incompatible with most cases or sleeves that are even slightly bulkier than average. It does work with most skins and protective films.

If you do not own an iPad, the Clipstand can also be used as a makeshift stand for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Score: ★★★★½

Value For Money

Logiix products are sold at certain national chains, Apple-authorized resellers, wireless stores, and campus stores throughout Canada, United States, and various other countries. The Clipstand, which retails for $30†, provides a cheaper alternative to other, more pricey, stands. However, I am still surprised at how expensive the Clipstand sells for, especially when you consider how small this accessory is.

Score: ★★½

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Clipstand is a very minimalistic yet effective accessory. Unfortunately, it comes at a rather high price. Nevertheless, the Clipstand is still a good recommendation based on its portability, versatility, and multipurpose functionality.

Overall Score:

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