March 2 Event: iOS 5 to be Shown, iPad Getting a Spec Bump

Engadget (that tech blog that has a reliable history of leaks) is now saying that they’ve heard that the new iPad 2 will receive a spec bump, but not much else.

The iPad 2′s RAM will match the iPhone 4 with 512 MB of RAM, an updated Apple A5 processor and graphics chip, and more than likely at least a front-facing camera. Those are all pretty safe modifications to the tablet, and Engadget is reporting that major features like a ‘Retina Display’ will not be on this version. This might set up the iPad 3 for an announcement in the fall, which has been rumored for the past month or so.

On the brighter side, Engadget is also reporting that iOS 5 will be shown off ahead of a June launch, alongside the iPhone 5. There’s been no word on any new features, though a revamped notifications system is a safe bet. There’s also been whispers that Apple will make iOS 5 much more cloud-centric than past versions of the operating system.

Regardless, we’ll know soon enough, and you can be sure the moment we know, you’ll know!


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