News Roundup: Apple Preparing for March 2 Event, Mac OS X ‘Lion’ Developer Preview Released

It’s been a busy day for Apple (and one that just so happens to be CEO Steve Job’s 56th birthday!). We’ve seen new Macbook Pros, the introduction of Intel’s ‘Thunderbolt’ technology, and iOS 4.3 going gold master. That’s a lot, but that isn’t quite all of it. Two more pieces of news made waves today from the Cupertino company.

First up, Apple is preparing for their March 2nd iPad 2 event by decorating the Yerba Buena center with the image below.

The second piece of news is pretty huge: Apple has released a developer preview of its upcoming version of Mac OS X. Codenamed ‘Lion,’ the developer preview comes only a few months before the target release date of ‘summer.’ While some of the more striking features were shown off previously at Apple’s ‘Back to the Mac’ fall event in late 2010, they have added even more to the mix. Probably the most interesting is the inclusion of a server right on the regular install disk. Since Mac OS X Server was, in the past, a totally separate product, it is interesting to see Apple giving users something that could potentially be a huge feature. Other features include new gestures, new Mail and other PIM apps, and some tweaking to the overall UI. Our very own Jawcl has put together a fantastic screenshot tour that shows off all of the new features of the new OS.

Also: isn’t it interesting that none of today’s announcements could have waited for the March 2nd event?

Thanks to Jawcl and ONLYUSEmeBLADE

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