Consumer Confidence Still High Without Jobs

If Steve Jobs were to leave Apple, their stocks may plummet. However, would it affect a consumer’s decision to purchase Apple products? According to a survey, 84% of Apple customers said that Steve Jobs’ departure would have no impact on their buying decisions. Only 7% of those surveyed said that it would affect their decision to purchase Apple products. These statistics come from a survey conducted by research firms RBC Capital Markets and ChangeWave between January 31st and February 9th, 2011. 3,091 people were surveyed.

A similar survey conducted in 2008 revealed that 18% of consumers would alter their buying decisions with Apple if Steve Jobs were to step down as CEO. Analyst Mike Abramsky provided his own insight into why these numbers have dropped:

“Consumers have had 3 years to evolve their perception of the Apple brand around its creative new products, cutting edge innovation, iTunes/App Store ecosystem and premium quality positioning — beyond the buying pull of Apple’s iconic CEO,” Abramsky said.

Steve Jobs took his fourth medical leave of absence with Apple this past January. The last time Jobs was on medical leave, the company’s stock rose 144 percent, revenue increased by 20 percent, and the company shipped 25 million iPhones. Would you continue to purchase Apple products if Steve Jobs left for good?

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