Minigore Episode 2 Preview

gwagwagaFor those not up-to-date with Minigore and its updates, or rather lack of updates, here’s the situation.  Episode 2 was submitted over a month ago and was rejected because it crashed at start up on a test device.  Since then they have re-submitted with features from Episode 3 (so the coming update will be a combination of Episode 2 and Episode 3) on September 11th.  In a couple of weeks the update should be out.  For now, hit up the jump to see what’s new, courtesy of a preview build we have laid our hands on.

First and foremost, let’s look at the new game mode.  Previously, we had Normal and Expert, now we have Insane.  Expert and Insane mode have to be unlocked by scoring 2000 pts and 6000 pts respectively.


Thankfully, to boost his two hit death to three hits John Gore now sports a headband under his hat.  Achieving 2000 or 6000 pts is now a much easier feat.  But in case you needed more help there is also a spiffy new ability for John Gore called “Furry Sense”.  This enables you to see where Furries are off-screen.  Shown below is the new headband and Furry Sense.


Wondering what the “1″ in the middle of the screen is? It’s the new pause countdown.  After you unpause a 3 second countdown starts, giving you a little bit of time to get your bearings again.

In addition to those updates the shotgun has been re-vamped with a much faster firing speed.  Smaller updates include new sound effects and death animations for Furries.  They now jump and sink into the ground when they die.

The Expert and Insane mode mentioned above are part of the new achievements in OpenFeint.


For more information on upcoming updates (not to mention give your input for future updates), including a very surreal zombie mode, check the official Minigore blog.

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