Apple to Adopt Light Peak?

Sources for Cnet report that Apple products (presumably starting with notebooks and desktops) will soon adopt a new “high-speed connection technology” called Light Peak, possibly as soon as next week’s rumored MacBook Pro refresh.

Light Peak is a universal connector—like USB— that can be used with all kinds of peripherals, including external drives, monitors, and possibly a certain touch-screen mp3 player. Light Peak is much quicker than even USB 3.0, and boasts speeds up to 10 gigabits per second. (over 2x faster than USB 3.0, and 20x faster than 2.0). As many of you know, re-syncing 64GB of data on an iPod can take forever, and with the rising capacities of flash-based memory, it will only take longer in the future. If Apple becomes one of the early adopters of Light Peak, it could push other manufacturers to utilize the technology as well.

On the downside, users will have to upgrade their hardware to support Light Peak. Even if the new line-up of MacBooks do include a Light Peak port, there aren’t any accessories on the market currently that can make use of it, and the earliest iPhone refresh isn’t for another 5 months.


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