Apple Patents a Cloud ‘Locker’ for Online File Storage for Mac, Calls it ‘Safe Deposit Box’

2 - The Virtual safe deposit box - figs 2, 3

Patently Apple has discovered a patent by Apple that shows off a very Dropbox-like system for file storage: you store a file in a particular folder, and it is then synced to the cloud. From there, it is safe to assume that you would be able to access it from any Apple device, and possibly any device with a web browser.

It’s unclear when this feature will be making its way to consumers, though a safe bet would be with Mac OS X 10.7 ‘Lion,’ shipping this summer. It might stand to reason that iOS 5 could offer some type of tie-in with the service, where you log in with your Apple ID and then gain access to files you’ve stored. Some have speculated that this could be tied into a Mobile Me overhaul that has been rumored over the past week.

The patent was filed in Q3 of 2009, so it is definitely one of the more recent we’ve seen. Rumors and ideas of just how Apple plans to evolve their iOS, iDevices, and Mac OS X continue to pour in, with no sign of abating. It seems that we are in for a very interesting year if any of these recent rumors ever come to fruition.

[Patently Apple]

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