Accessory Review: LostDog™ Gen. Leather Pouch

“For 20 years my work, through Bob the lost dog, has tended to raise people’s awareness of the state of emergency in which our world finds itself and the absolute need to react,” said Aurele the artist. “The LostDog™ is a metaphor for our way of life. That dog is you, it’s me, it’s tomorrow.”

Bluetrek is proud to offer the LostDog™ series of accessories, designed by Aurele, for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. In a two-part series, we will be taking a closer look at the LostDog™ iPad case collection. Up first is their Genuine Leather Pouch, which was shown alongside many other Bluetrek products at CES 2011.

What’s Included

  • LostDog™ Genuine Leather Pouch
  • Microfiber Screen Cleaning Pad


Bluetrek calls this accessory a genuine leather pouch, but it looks more like a folio to me. Regardless of what you call it, you can immediately smell and feel the 100% handcrafted genuine leather. The exterior is made of a combination of black cow leather and smooth felt fiber. The folio flips open like a book and the majority of the interior is lined with nylon with Aurele’s abstract “lost dog” design.

When it is closed, the folio adds relatively little bulk to your device. It is lightweight, yet considerably durable. The top and bottom are fully open, which provides access to the necessary ports and buttons on the iPad. The interior has a large leather portion on the left-hand side, which contains three slots that serve as card holders. Albeit a common design feature, it’s one that greatly adds to the professionalism that this folio boasts. The case itself has no magnetic interference with the antenna (for iPad’s with 3G connectivity).

The leather panel on the far left, which contains the card slots, also has a pouch behind it that is useful for storing items such as paper, notes, headphones, a sync cable, and so forth. This pouch provides good organization and makes this folio a good choice for students, businesspeople, and any busy, on-the-go person in general.

All in all, this genuine leather pouch has a favorable design. It is not perfectly designed, but the attention to detail is evident. The only improvement that I would appreciate in a future revision of this folio is for the exterior to be completely covered in genuine leather. Then again, that would come at a higher price tag, which may discourage people from purchasing the folio in the future.

Score: ★★★★

Value For Money

The LostDog™ Genuine Leather Pouch retails for $89.99 on Bluetrek’s website. In general, this is an expensive price to pay for an accessory, and it leaves many potential buyers with a tough decision to make. The price is fairly reasonable, but it based on your personal needs. If all you’re looking for is a standard folio to protect your iPad, there is no reason for you to spend the additional money on this folio. There is a plethora of cheaper, yet simpler, folios on the market. On the other hand, if you are looking for a folio that is practical, functional, and aesthetically-designed, this folio fits the criteria well.

Score: ★★★★


Any folio, in general, offers good protection for the device that it carries. The LostDog™ Genuine Leather Pouch is no exception, as it provides complete front-and-back coverage of your iPad. The folio snugly cradles your iPad, preventing any possibility of scratches, dents, or other wear and tear. The genuine leather and camouflage nylon combine to offer good padded protection against impact damage.

Score: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

As stereotypical as it may sound, I was not expecting this Hong Kong-manufactured iPad folio to be as well-designed as it is. The LostDog™ series by Aurele is clearly a hit, and is a smart addition to Bluetrek’s product line. For anyone that is interested in a folio, the Genuine Leather Pouch is fairly priced and offers good design and functionality that you’ll love. Let’s just hope that Aurele finds that dog one day!

Overall Score:

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