Accessory Review: STM Bags Org Board

STM Bags is a company based out of San Francisco that is based on protecting your digital cargo. They offer five various bags and sleeves for the iPad, including the Org Board; an organizational tool for the iPad. The Org Board is packaged in a biodegradable bag that breaks down naturally after 12 months as part of STM Bags’ commitment to minimizing their impact on the environment.


The Org Board is a form-fitted neoprene sleeve that bundles your iPad and accessories into one. The sleeve has a slim profile and is only offered in the color that you see. The company crest is stitched into the lower-right corner. Like most other sleeves, you slide your iPad in and it is concealed by an overlapping flap closure. However, when I slid my iPad into the sleeve, the flap didn’t close all the way. I read more about this issue and discovered that the iPad should be placed into the sleeve with the back aluminum side facing you. In my opinion, it is just a design flaw.

There is a fabric loop to hook your sleeve onto various objects

The sleeve is backed with a much harder surface. I’m assuming that this is the result of cardboard wrapped with neoprene, but I couldn’t tell you for sure. Regardless, it is a good setup for the organizational board, which consists of four slots with elastic-like bands. These slots can be used to store cords, headphones, pens or pencils, or perhaps even your iPod or iPhone.

The organizational board on the back of the sleeve

The bands are very tight, keeping your accessories snugly secure. However, they’re too snug to fit bigger items such as Apple’s 10W power adapter. If you are able to get it into the slot, it actually curves the board because of the additional pressure. Nonetheless, the Org Board is still a useful accessory for carrying around with you or tossing into a gym bag.

Overall, the Org Board could use some work. I credit STM for their unique combination of protection and organization, but it is poorly implemented. The Org Board is fairly cheap-looking with a couple of design flaws that take away from the creativity of this accessory.

Score: ★★½


A closer look at STM Bags’ logo

The inside of the sleeve is lined with a soft microfiber-like material that protects your iPad against scratches and dents. The neoprene’s padding as well as the hard edges of the Org Board provide extra protection against impact damage. As always, you should still exercise caution when using your iPad.

Score: ★★★★

Value For Money

STM Bags’ Org Board retails for $24.99† on various online stores that are listed on STM’s website. One of these online resellers, Altrec, provides free shipping. $24.99 is a reasonable price to pay, but it depends on what you’re expecting. If you’re solely interested in the organizational functionality, the Org Board is definitely something to consider. On the other hand, if you’re expecting the Org Board to be aesthetically-sound, you’ll probably be disappointed.

Score: ★★★

Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s hard for me to give a solid “seal of approval” on STM’s Org Board. I was fairly disappointed with this product, considering how nice the rest of their iPad products seem to look. It’ll be interesting to see what revisions, if any, that STM Bags makes to the Org Board for the iPad 2G. In the meantime, I would recommend looking into STM Bags’ other iPad accessories or Griffin Technology’s Jumper sleeve ($19.99†) instead.

Overall Score:

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