Accessory Review: Logiix Stylus Pro & Pro Jr.

Logiix is a Canadian-based company that offers many accessories and products for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. We’ll be taking a side-by-side look at Logiix’s Stylus Pro and its newer and smaller counterpart, the Stylus Pro Jr. Both of these styluses are compatible with all of the aforementioned devices, along with many other touchscreen surfaces.


For those that do not know, the multi-touch screen on an iOS device is capacitive. In short, this means that the touchscreen recognizes human contact through a change in electrostatic charge. Consequently, pressure-based styli cannot be used with these touchscreens. Instead, special capacitive styli must be used, such as the Stylus Pro & Stylus Pro Jr.

The Stylus Pro is just shy of 4.5 inches in length, and is offered in the colors black, blue, and red. It closely resembles the look and feel of a pen, and has a round tip for good sensitivity at nearly any angle. It is made out of what I believe to be aluminum, and has a chrome handle. You can use the stylus for gaming, swiping, sliding, drawing — you name it. I find it to be much more accurate and comfortable in comparison to using your fingers. I quickly realized that I can type up notes on my iPad quicker when I am using a stylus. It’s also easier to email, draw, and play certain games such as Tap Tap Revenge.

A closer look at the Stylus Pro (red) & Stylus Pro Jr (black)

The Stylus Pro Jr is smaller, measuring in at 1½ inches in length. It also has a clip that can be pushed into your device’s headphone jack for storage. This is a very creative idea that will ensure you don’t lose your stylus, considering how easy it would be to misplace it. Otherwise, it is essentially the same as the regular Stylus Pro. It appears to also be made out of aluminum and has a chrome tip. Black is the only color available.

Overall, both styli are well-designed. The Stylus Pro & Stylus Pro Jr are both oil-resistant and eliminate fingerprints and other smudges from your screen. They’re both lightweight and very effective. The only downside is that they can’t take advantage of the multi-touch capabilities because the stylus only has one tip (as you would expect). In other words, you can’t pinch or stretch without using your fingers as usual.

The Stylus Pro Jr has a headphone clip for storage purposes

Score: ★★★★½

Value For Money

Logiix products are sold at certain national chains, Apple-authorized resellers, wireless stores, and campus stores throughout Canada, United States, and various other countries. The Stylus Pro is offered at various price points, with the most common price being $15.99†. For comparison, Griffin Technology sells this identical stylus for $19.99, which is slightly more expensive. Logiix’s Stylus Pro Jr also retails for under $19.99 on average.

Score: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

Overall, these styli are lightweight, professional looking, and offer good functionality. I cannot pinpoint who originally designed these styli, as they are offered by many different accessory companies. Nonetheless, it’s still a good recommendation if you are looking into getting a capacitive styli.

Overall Score:

† All prices are in US currency unless stated otherwise.
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Thanks to Trevor at Logiix for the review sample.

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